Services for foreigners

If you are non-resident and do not speak Russian fluently we are happy to provide you with the professional support in buying, selling or renting real estate in St.Petersburg and Moscow.

We are international brokers working with different countries since 2007 and present the local market since the year of its establishment in 1993. Knowing deeply the law side of real estate markets in Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Germany and our native country Russia, and speaking fluently most of these languages we are the unique agency who can provide following services for foreign clients:

  1. Property search. Upon your purposes and wishes, we search all over the market and choose the best options for you. We work not only with our sales data base, we work as your personal agent.
  2. Total control at all stages of the deal process. Starting from checking the seller’s situation and documents for his property to official translations, opening bank accounts, asking mortgage in Russian bank, coordination of the sales fulfillments and financial settlements. Preparing all the documents, working with reliable notary and professional interpreters.
  3. After sales services. Receiving the bills for taxes and communal charges, arranging its paying, coordination of insurance property programs.
  4. Property management. Rental services - looking for tenants, signing contract and coordination of payments.
  5. Sales services. If you are already our customer we have special conditions for sales services, but even if you bought property without our help, we are happy to help you to sell it.

Please, feel free to contact us for any questions:


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